Whether you need an elaborate floral setup in a palatial venue or a single artistic creation to brighten up a minimalistic theme, we at The Wedding House infuse our creative vision adapting your preferences and produce fascinating decor for your special occasion.

Our Chief Florist is a Preston Bailey’s Post graduate floral designer, and our Set Designing team have executed hundreds of reputed weddings , not to forget the set designing of the wedding of UK’s Laxmi Mittals daughter Vanisha Mittal

We have innumerable themes to offer .
Come take a look !

The Wedding House has an expert team of designers who create authentic design styles for your wedding, fit for a king

Baroque style of wedding design is showcased at France’s Louis XIV palace at Versailles.

The Baroque style is a dramatic and theatrical style full of geometric shapes and it is extravagantly ornamental with bold patterns and rich textures. Its impact is intended to be an extravagant feast to the eyes and is a symbol of opulent wealth.

Colors are royally rich and glittering with gold being the quintessential color. Fabrics are rich in texture and used in abundance with tassels and fringe. Furniture is richly carved or intricately detailed with stucco relief.

The wedding House sources props and exotic decorative items from around the world. Our designers create larger than life décor pieces that add a rich aura to your celebrations and deliver your dreams

The lighting decoration is also of primary importance. Our skilful lighting engineers provide innumerable options of varied lighting such as table lighting, wall lighting, vase lighting, spots et al and deliver the correct atmosphere that will surely lighten up your hearts

The Wedding House specializes in executing new age weddings . We transform your dreams and passions into a contemporary magical experience!

Our unparalleled repertoire of creative concepts and themes helps make each wedding a runaway success

As foremost wedding planners, The Wedding House create beautiful weddings of great visual appeal, blending modern contemporary aesthetics with traditional flavors

As an ultimate professional wedding planning company , we are a one stop shop providing complete solutions and personalized services from invites to bridal imaging , makeup and hair , venue décor, entertainment to catering and much more

Our talented team of professionals execute immaculate and prompt services that ensure smooth and perfect flow of events

Our wedding experience will create ultimate memories for lifetime you will cherish always
The Contemporary Style features simple clean lines that are sleekly edited and functional. The objective is to showcase the actual space rather than the things in the space. Taking advantage of structural elements, less is more is the most common phase used with this style where the bare spaces on a wall are as important as the areas filled with objects. Colors are typically neutrals, black and white, and accented with bold and bright colors.

The Wedding House specializes in modern wedding themes and designs portraying latest trends in modern decoration

We are a premier wedding planning company with offices in Mumbai and Delhi, and execute successful weddings from conceptualization to completion
The Wedding House is a one stop shop wedding planning company and provides services for all your requirements in all areas of your wedding

The Wedding House has also worked with international wedding designers to deliver the latest trends in modern weddings decorations!

Keeping abreast with the latest trends in modern wedding decoration is our passion!

As a wedding event planner we deliver an ultimate modern wedding experience to refresh you as everlasting memories!

The Wedding House is an award winning wedding planning company , specializing in Moroccan theme wedding decor. Morocco is a land of thousand spices. Being expert wedding decorators, the dream team of The Wedding House, captures beautifully the vibrant, colourful and exciting flavour of Marrakesh in our wedding decor. The Moroccan wedding decor is modern, chic and tasteful. The Moroccan wedding decor is full of fun and colour – turquoise, purple and fuchsia making the most stunning combination. The possibilities of styling a Moroccan wedding decor are endless

As a variation, one can also choose neutral, soft tone colours inspired by the desert, thereby creating a truly elegant wedding ambience. Souk lanterns of various shapes and sizes, cushions and coloured glass all in pink, orange and red colours and tea lights are hot favourites. Moroccan lamp light, white and gold hanging lanterns with detailed Moroccan architecture engraved on them look stunning

Our Moroccan wedding decor is a perfect example of modern, chic Middle Eastern style. It’s light and airy with touches of fuchsia pink and mixes traditional concepts with modern details

The culinary delights of Morocco require pretty silver tableware to match.
complete with spoon and crystal detailing!

We promise to make your Moroccan themed wedding decor to be better than your wildest imagination! Let’s get it going!

The Wedding House is an award winning wedding decor company, and creates the best peacock theme wedding decor

The peacock theme and use of peacock feathers for wedding decor first became popular as design motif during the Art Nouveau movement.

Till date the rich iridescent hue and delicate multicoloured and glamorous silhouette of the heavenly peacock continue to be a constant source of inspiration for wedding decor.

The exotic gorgeous and glamorous teal and purple is the perfect colour combinations for a peacock themed wedding.

Our colourful centre pieces with peacock wedding theme bouquets, peacock accessories, peacock wedding chair signs, peacock centre table, place setting peacock table covers all make a colourful, stylish and enchanting wedding decor

The Wedding House is an award wedding planning and decoration company . As a leading firm and pioneer in the field as wedding decorators and wedding planners, we deliver the best Rajasthani theme wedding decor. Our skilled dream team transforms ballrooms into grand Rajasthani palaces, by creating the opulence and grandeur of Rajasthani Palaces such as Umaid Bhawan Palace or Rambaug Palace

We create aesthetically and structurally elite designs befitting the royal rajasthani taste for luxury. Our use of bold colours in both the Sangeet and wedding decor is inspired by Rajasthan’s artisanal cultural flavours and a palace’s ornate details. Rajasthan’s palatial courtyards and lush havelis are a challenge to duplicate for wedding decor .. a task we execute with fluent ease.

Our special romantic lighting effects around the palace structures create a dream effect, which is too good to be believed! On occasions, when our clients prefer, we incorporate golden elephants statues atop pedestals and decorated with colourful flowers and candles in the centre of the wedding decor

Our Rajasthani Wedding Reception features royal blue & red hues apt to luxurious Rajasthani royal taste.

We promise to exceed your expectations and make your royal rajasthani dream wedding come true!

Inspired by the magnificence of Roman architecture, we create an ambiance par excellence. From the Colosseum in Rome to the Canals of Venice, we weave together various elements in our design to create a WOW atmosphere.

The aspiring beauty of white drapes, grand pillars, candles and larger than life floral arrangements create a neoclassical, grand aura.

As foremost traditional wedding planners and decorators from Delhi and Mumbai The Wedding House works in close conjunction with the beautiful traditional Hindu marriage activities and rituals which span over three days

We immaculately plan the flow of the wedding and decoration in consult and coordination with the bride and groom , and offer them the entire gamut of our professional services from invites to venue decor , Indian safas , traditional baraat services, entertainment, catering, to chauffer services and much more

Our traditional wedding decor overflows with beautiful flowers , drapes all planned with great color combinations and exude elite classiness

This Traditional Style is both elegant and inviting. The objective is to create a calm, orderly and predictable environment with no surprises. The finely crafted details feature graceful curving lines with a suggestion of the past. The design element tend to be arranged in pairs and are carefully coordinated, by not necessarily matching. Colors are often in the mid range of tones and typical patterns used are florals, small all over geometrics, solid colors, and tone on tone colors.

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